SMS Cost Model
CIS would like to offer you a brief insight into a Safety Management System Cost Model - a comprehensive cost model, together with an easy to use approach for establishing the costs associated with particular safety process or procedure, particular organisational unit participation in a given safety process or procedure or an overall estimation of the costs for introducing and using Safety Management System.

Our approach can be outlined by three important features.

Firstly, it uses the best theoretical achievements in the field of cost modelling in a transparent to user fashion. The user is guided by simple interface rules, without showing the complexity of the modelling approach.

Secondly, working with EUROCONTROL experts we have described the typical Safety Management System to the great detail. In fact, we were breaking down each process into activities and tasks and creating by this an extensive library of tasks. The user can just look into the library and tell what exactly is performed or not locally and by this create a model of the particular unique process and calculate the effort in time or money to use this process. There is more added value in using our library - the user can play with the other tasks from the library, explore "what-if" scenarios of modified process and assess variants of optimising them.

Finally, our cost optimisation approach does not just rely on any types of cost descriptions, but is based on the established by ICAO, EUROCONTROL and European Union standards and financial accounting categories for Air Navigation Service provision.

CIS would like to offer for your use this theoretically sound, yet customer-friendly approach for modelling and optimising your Safety Management System cost. Our experience in validating the model with some European ANSPs suggests that a lack explicit review of the Safety Management System cost is almost sure failure to manage inefficiencies and unjustified expenses and surely produces big financial losses for organisations. This is even more important nowadays, when we are all trying to navigate through the world financial crises.

CIS can offer you our work, tailored for your needs, in the form of at least three different products:

1. You can receive and use the comprehensive Safety Management System cost model, populated with typical data derived from our experience. You receive also a User Guide, helping you to customise the model for your own processes, establish the baseline costs and explore variants for optimising them.

2. You may opt for our support to work with you and customise the model for your own environment and your own particular situation. You may use the customised model for making your own analysis.

3. Or you may wish that we work more extensively with you to customise the model and also to perform analysis and suggest to you some plan of action to optimise your expenditures.

If you are interested in our SMS solution please, don't hesitate to contact us.