What we offer

CIS is offering you services from real aviation experts. More than the half of the CIS staff are active ATCOs, pilots and current managers in the field of ATM in various European countries.

A critical success factor for the full achievement of any project objectives and tasks will always be the selection of a project team that can provide the required experience and expertise in aviation operations and safety, as well as the ability to engage and use a variety of specialists’ profiles to meet the detailed project needs.

As the aviation sector faces more and more complex problems it is important that our customers can draw on our qualified resources possessing the needed practical experience to meet customers’ requirements and to find suitable solutions to the challenges aviation service providers are facing. We are providing expertise and solutions in areas listed aside:

ATM Services
Airport Operations

Cost/Safety Benefit Analysys

ATC Operations


ATM Airspace Management

ATM Project Management


ATM Safety

ATM Strategy

IT Software Development

IT Advisory/Business Support
Financial services
CIS provides in-depth expertise in ANS economics and accounting, and in particular in ANS cost base establishment.

Our experts have experience in development and implementation of management accounting systems and cost models, as well as detailed knowledge of EC, ICAO and EUROCONTROL ANS charging principles and mechanisms.

In addition CIS is offering you Cost Benefit Analysis and Safety Benefit Analysis. Even more important nowadays, when we are all trying to navigate through the world financial crises.
Safety management
The safe separation of flights in the air and on the ground is the highest priority task in ATM. High safety standards can only be maintained and improved by proactive risk assessment and management.

Recognising this standing challenge for ATM CIS is offering support to ATS organisations in operational risk analysis and implementation of safety management procedures and processes.

The added value of our services lies in the practical safety management experience of our team members in commercial and military operations, and Air Traffic Control.



Safety management

ANS economics

ATC Operations Cost/Safety Benefit Analysys Airspace Management Project Management Strategy

Software Development IT Advisory/Business Support