Antonio Licu - EUROCONTROL
"... Cost of SMS project has achieved all its objectives and although further validation will be further required I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the current deliverables. I am also grateful for the excellent attitude and technical input from Compass Innovative Solutions (CIS) experts and management.

I know we were in a project without precedence and without many readymade solutions on the table, however together we manage to break through and this is very significant. I am encouraged by the very positive reaction received from our stakeholders. This confirms that the ATM community especially the management level are very much interested to further work with us and use the deliverables. Many of them have also committed to further fine tune the products together with EUROCONTROL and CIS. They have all appreciated that we managed to supply a key tool in planning the SMS further deployment and improvement considering the reality of resources and budgets that they need to commit ..."

Antonio Licu
European Safety Programme (ESP) Manager

Eduardo Tugendhat - CARANA Corporation
"... We have been very pleased with the work done by the principals at Compass Innovative Solutions for CARANA Corporation. They have demonstrated a "can do" attitude in managing complex and challenging IT projects with demanding deadlines. Their team is technically strong, creative in their development of solutions, and very responsive to client needs. I can strongly recommend CIS ..."

Eduardo Tugendhat
CARANA Corporation - Arlington, Virginia

Ivan Kozhuharov - IMIBO Computer Systems
"... IMIBO Computer Systems has been working with CIS over different projects for a number of years. CIS has increased IMIBO products performance by adding professional advices to our solutions. CIS IT team gives us rapid solutions on everything from client interfaces through business logic to database. Additionally, the support that I have received has also been "top notch". I would heartily recommend CIS services to anyone involved in developing software for Microsoft environment. We look forward to working with them all ..."

Ivan Kozhuharov
General Manager
IMIBO Computer Systems

Alexander Krastev - EUROCONTROL
"... CIS has done an outstanding job by collecting vast amount of data about airspace infringements from the General Aviation community in Europe, by analysing the risk and establishing a number of safety improvement recommendations that informed the development of the European risk reduction action plan. And this was done in four months only! ..."

Alexander Krastev
Coordinator Airspace Infringement Initiative

Alexander Milushev - Financial Supervision Agency
"... CIS consultants participated in the design, development and introduction of an information system for receiving and processing of daily information from the pension insurance companies and the custodian banks via an electronic gateway in the Financial Supervision Commission. They proved themselves as a high qualified and very responsible experts.

During the development consultants used technologies that are leading in the development of business applications in the last years such as Microsoft ASP, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft SQL Server and etc.

In their daily work CIS consultants showed extensive knowledge of software development skills and expertise ..."

Alexander Milushev
Seniour IT Expert
Financial Supervision Agency - Sofia, Bulgaria

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