SKYBrary Support Project
Date: 15/03/2009

With ever-changing information in Europe’s aviation and air traffic control industry and stakeholders across nearly 40 countries, a single point of reference was needed. EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, selected CIS for "SKYbrary facilitation and content management support" Project. More information about SKYbrary you may find on: SKYbrary

Main priority of EUROCONTROL is to support the enhancement of Air Traffic Management safety at a Pan-European scale. As part of its mission, the responsible safety unit is initiating Europe-wide safety improvement initiatives based on the risk-derived priorities involving the whole aviation community. The main working and consultation body managing the initiatives is the EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG). SISG safety improvement processes deliver end products that have safety knowledge elements within.

SKYbrary is an initiative of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, and The Flight Safety Foundation aimed to collect and consolidate the safety knowledge elements developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety information and making it available to users worldwide.

SKYbrary is aimed to become a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge and to provide the technical means for exchange of users’ opinions on the various aspects of aviation safety by dedicated discussion functionalities. The SKYbrary knowledge base is a dynamic product and will require continuous and active support by all moderators and experts who are contributing to and maintaining SKYbrary portal.

The Director General of Eurocontrol, David McMillan, shared his thoughts on SKYbrary at the meeting of Eurocontrol’s Provisional Council saying, “SKYbrary is an accurate, exciting, and well designed webpage, using modern technology to create a unique resource for the aviation community.”

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