Aero Glossary Project
Date: 31/10/2011

Are you are an aviation industry professional or just aviation enthusiast? Try the web site.

The web site contains more than 12 000 Abbreviations, 2000+ Aircraft codes, 8000+ Airline codes, 5000+ ATC Callsigns, 42 000+ Airport codes, Country codes, Registration prefixes and many more. The aim of the search engine is to become a single point of reference for the abbreviated world of aviation.

Additionally, you will find more than 1000 official definitions and terms. All specific to the aviation industry, the definitions have been gathered from different sources like: ICAO, EUROCONTROL and FAA. Also, many definitions not found in any government publications are included.

Moreover you may try Aero Glossary mobile applications for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. Mobile applications contain a handy offline database as a reference source for the aviation people. No internet connection is required to search, nearly 30 000 aviation terms are defined, powerful search function using just the first few letters of a word.

Search wherever you go with Aero Glossary mobile applications.

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