SKYbrary - Semantic Metadata Article Codification
Date: 03/01/2011

Main priority of EUROCONTROL is to support the enhancement of Air Traffic Management safety at a Pan-European scale. As part of its mission, the responsible safety unit is initiating Europe-wide safety improvement initiatives based on the risk-derived priorities involving the whole aviation community.

SKYbrary is an initiative of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, and The Flight Safety Foundation aimed to collect and consolidate the safety knowledge elements developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety information and making it available to users worldwide.

Aviation safety is considered highest priority in aviation and should take precedence over commercial, operational, environmental or social pressures, constraints and considerations.

The general objective of this project is to ensure the integration of safety information made available by ICAO and to update current SKYbrary content to make use of the newly integrated semantic features for the benefit of the users.

The recent enhancement of SKYbrary technical platform with semantic media-wiki provides the ability to capture or identify information about the data within pages, and the relationships between pages, in ways that can be easily queried by users or exported like a database. This software enhancement provides for ease of navigation through the wealth of information accumulated in the knowledgebase, selection and retrieval of the desired information by users who do not have experience with more sophisticated search mechanisms and algorithms.

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