Safety Culture Surveys & Implementation Support
Date: 15/08/2010

With the demand on the European Air Traffic Network forecast to double by 2020, it is imperative that risks are reduced, and improved integrity and the safety of the network is maintained. These pressures, coupled with those associated with the current global financial difficulties, point to the importance of having a strong Safety Culture foundation. ANSPs are under constant pressure to reduce costs but increase efficiency without compromising safety. The EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement programmes are integral to ensuring this.

A key element of EUROCONTROL’s Safety Improvement activity is the Safety Culture Surveys that are being undertaken within Air Navigation Service Providers across Europe. The approach used for these surveys was initially developed in 2004 and a number of ANSPs have undergone a Safety Culture Survey within their organisation, two of which have completed a second survey, with results indicated a marked improvement in some safety culture elements. The approach involves both qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis.

EUROCONTROL, along with CANSO and the FAA, have determined the strategic importance of Safety Culture as a basis for sustainable safety in ATM. This was further validated during a meeting in December 2008 between CEOs of ANSPs across Europe, where participants agreed to hold a Safety Culture Survey within their organisation by the end of 2013. This programme of work is now well under way.

Safety culture is recognised as a key predictor of safety performance in a number of industries (including nuclear, chemical, and offshore and rail). The culture within the organisation has an implicit and strong effect on the behaviour of employees. Employee awareness, understanding and motivation, as well as their attitudes, perceptions and beliefs, all influence this culture - something that is often taken for granted by those working within an organisation.

CIS is proud to announce that will provide expert support to EUROCONTROL during the ESP+ Safety Culture Surveys and will provide Implementation Support, with people who have a background in undertaking ATM Safety Culture Surveys and who have experience of supporting organisations.

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