SKYbrary Development Team Meeting, Brussels
Date: 05/02/2010

On 2 Feb. 2010, CIS participated in the 5th biannual SKYbrary Team Meeting which took place at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Some of the objectives of the meeting were to review progress against previously agreed development objectives and to agree on content development priorities for the next one year rolling period. During the meeting agreement on various possible solutions and measures in response to identified issues was reached and further promotion initiatives were identified.

A number of the achievements were accomplished during the previous year, more importantly the overall site’s content has grown and improved. In addition many categories which were in development phase reached their critical mass. The number of registered SKYbrary users doubled over the last year, as well as the number of unique visitors per day which is illustrative for the successful development and maturity of the SKYbrary.

Some of the new objectives for the Team are to respond to the common initiative of ICAO and EUROCONTROL on the provision of contextual and safety assurance information for changes to SARPS and PANS using the SKYbrary platform.

The strategic content development priority was established to comprise commercial flight operations (including ATM) with possible extension to other areas, such as general aviation and helicopter operations.

The SKYbrary Development Team has grown substantially. Renowned aviation professionals (such as the Chief Executive at UK Flight Safety Committee and numerous EUROCONTROL experts ) joined the Team and new strategic partnership with the International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) was established.

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