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Compass Innovative Solutions (CIS) draws on a wealth of experience and unique understanding of a wide range of issues relating to Air Traffic Management and its principles. More than half of the CIS experts are active ATCOs, pilots and current managers in the field of ATM.

In addition, all our experts have extensive international experience within and outside Europe.

Together, we have worked in many countries worldwide. Over many years of participation in initiatives and projects sponsored by EC, NATO, ICAO, EUROCONTROL, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nation Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and intergovernmental programs we have gained experience and confidence in our ability to perform and deliver results as a company.

CIS conducts analyses and provides services to help organisations address increasingly complex problems by providing solutions that drive higher levels of performance.

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Business Description: Compass Innovative Solutions Ltd.

The company's principal activity is research & development of different aspects related to ATM in general. The company offers both aviation & IT consultancy services. The company completed successfully numerous projects essential to businessmen, industry and government organisations. The company operates mainly in Europe.

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria
Consultants: 12
Major industry: Aviation consultancy

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A critical success factor for the full achievement of any project objectives and tasks will always be the selection of a project team that can provide the required experience and expertise in aviation operations and safety, as well as the ability to engage and use a variety of specialists’ profiles to meet the detailed project needs.

CIS team includes active Air Traffic Controllers with extensive experience in aerodrome (TWR), approach (APP) and area control (ACC) operations. In addition to doing own operational duties, our team members provide advice and participate to various ATS research and development projects.

As the aviation sector faces more and more complex problems it is important that our customers can draw on our qualified resources possessing the needed practical experience to meet customers’ requirements and to find suitable solutions to the challenges aviation service providers are facing.


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